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Updated: Jun 7, 2019

(Post 9) This is one of the very best times in modern history for men's hair styles. With so many options on the table these days, a great look is only as far as your local Barber. Wether you have a full head of hair or have joined the proud mature studs embracing Bald & Bearded, facial hair sets the tone of the future of sexy.. #creativecutz #tcpcutz #tcp #trendinghairstylesformen #menshair


The use of the classic buzzer has never been more popular or better utilized than in the modern, independent barber shop. Beard shaping, hair sculpting and wild interpretations of the classic fade has pushed the imaginations of the hair stylist to new heights. Men have finally stopped shaving to delicious results.


The classic crew cut has always epitomized the male look since the late 1920's when the Yale rowing team adopted the cut to improve sight lines during practice and competitions. During WWII, soldiers adopted the classic high & tight to aide in controlling head lice in barracks. The 1950's fully established the crew cut as the essential hair style for boys and men throughout the US and around the globe.


The high & tight, and the hard part have become staples to the current trend of modern men's hair styles. This killer combo has ensured no matter how mild to wild you go, every cut is a guaranteed wining choice for Office to Nightclub.


If you feel you need to be more down to earth, scruff is the direction you want to be headed. Many scruff hairstyles offer dynamic dimensions that go easy on morning preparations. This makes for ideal options for you guys that hate primping, but want to stay in-style. The one thing to remember moving forward is to stop shaving, and start shaping!


Almost every man can grow and nurture some sort of facial hair. If your genes prevent you from growing a glorious full bearded, not to worry. The Chin Strap, Goatee, Chin Beard and Soul Patch all work exceptionally well with men who have patchy beard growth.


So relax and rejoice guys. Today's hairstyles are here for you, and are sure to boost your sex appeal out in the market place. They say when you add a beard to your look you automatically stand out in a crowd as a super sexy hipster who everyone wants to be like. So go ahead Boyz, treat yourself this year to a mansome handsome upgrade. Soon you'll gaze at yourself in the mirror and it will suddenly hit you with a have arrived.



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