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ALITA: Battle Angel Kicks Some!

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(Post 53) Film Review (Spoiler Free): Alita Battle Angel hits theaters as a brilliant example of what big budget blockbusters should be. A must see for SciFi fans everywhere. #filmreviews #moviereviews #alitabattleangel


I knew I wanted to see this film when I first heard about it in 2016, when one of my fave film directors Robert Rodriguez was tapped to direct a script penned by James Cameron. It took 15 years for Cameron to get Alita to the big screen, and what an experience. It appears all the magic Cameron introduced and created for his Avatar film (and soon to be films) that brought his shimmering world-building to such vibrant heights, is again present for Rodriguez’s Cyberpunk action film.


The back story of the original Yukito Kishiro’s manga series is so involved that I would put it on the same level of unpacking Frank Herbert’s DUNE. So, how they were able to simply drop us into this vast world and feed us information through a constant drip that comfortably allowed us to grasp the world in-front of us, as it played out scene for scene with extraordinary realism was ingenious.


I took my 13 year old son (who happens to have Autism) with me to the screening and he was as enamored as I was for the full length of the film. This has to do with the amazing sense of realism present almost from every frame. The emotions emitting from the titular character’s facial features, tonality and body movements were just rendered so darn well. Watching the film I couldn’t stop thinking to myself that this is why I love science fiction and this is clearly what movies are supposed to be like.


Allot of the realism that made Alita come to life so beautifully natural was the acting talents of Rosa Salazar. Sweet and innocent, yet inquisitive and fearless, the relaxed nature of Miss Salazar combined with the seamless special effects motion capture work was a marriage of fate. I found the film tugged at my heart strings multiple times, with an ending that had me and my son silently gasping in anguish. The bottom line is Alita worked, and worked well. Truly the best manga adaptation to date and one you should support.

Out of Five 👍: 👍👍👍👍


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