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Always Cry Woof!

Updated: May 3, 2019

(Post 3) Praise to the goddess the hairless man phase appears to be leaving the pop culture scene with a wave of dudes of all ages who are choosing to stop shaving. If your tired of hairless men, join us and CryWoof! #tcpbeardology #beardology #beards #Hairymen #tcp #thecuriopop #woof #bears #sexymen #musclemen #tattooedmen #stopshaving #handsome #athleticmen #fitbears #fitmen #hipster #hipsterstyle #sparta


Somehow some fad in the adult entertainment industry made a crossover to real life & all men started to shave their bodies. There were always those athletes who practiced total body shaving like swimming, cycling, etc., but bringing the idea of a fully grown undressed hairless man into our bedrooms was an idea I never understood. I mean, we like men. A man has hairy face, hairy chest, hairy arms, hairy legs and those glorious Treasure Trails (the perfect place to apply a touch of pachouli oil for added seduction).


Hairy men may have a few things you have to live with, like tons of hair in the bathroom floor and shower. In my opinion, that does'nt come close to the sexy nature that is undeniably what I like to call, "The Man-some Handsome". Now I know what some of you are thinking when it comes to intimacy, "I hate it when I get a hair in the back of my throat". I hear ya guys, but I am not advocating against daily grooming. When a boy becomes a man and he never really knows when his next intimate encounter will develop , it is always therefor best to be prepared. Daily gentle grooming of the genitals is necessary in keeping you sporty fresh and always ready. Even when most of the time nothing like impromptu sex will be happening, but your appearance will change and others will notice.


Its true, you will feel more confident, sexy and successful over time. A man's penis should be shaved along the shaft to the base, and the balls should be free from hair as well. Always apply lotion after showering throughout the groin area, between the legs and in and around the anus. This keeps you moisturized & ready all day, & it definitely changes your mind set in business adding even more to the confidence others may not posses.

As we are on the groin area, I bring up the suggestion of a good body oil sent (patchouli, sandalwood, dragons blood) dabbed between each leg high in the inner thigh area, around the testicles and up the happy trail to pant level only. This body oil treatment is to be utilized in conjunction with your cologne of your choice on the chest and neck. The oils will only be enjoyed by you or whomever you invite over... down under 😉🤫😏.


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