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TCP's Artist Spotlight: David Peyote

Updated: May 19, 2019

(Post 54) Pushing the boundaries of the Modernist Movement in Tattoo is the extraordinary psychedelic art of Montreal's David Peyote. Bold, colorful, imaginative and original, the works of art depicted in this list gives you a glimpse into the artist and his imagination. The days of having too many drinks and getting a tattoo are long gone. Clients are finaly becoming descriminatory on what to put on their canvas, and what better than an original work of art. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces... #TCPtattooartisthighlight #tattoos #watercolortattoos #davidcote #tcpcreativeink #inked #tattooart #tattooideas #famoustattooartists #abstracttattoos #colorfultattoos











This artist grabbed me from the moment I discovered his instagram. Although I am positively late to the party, I feel damn good I arrived. David Peyote's ability to blend color is extraordinary. How proud his clients must be to have joined with one of his works of art. Canada constantly impresses me with the talent that seems to gestate in that country. If I ever find myself anywhere near Montreal you will find me at Imperial Tattoo Connexion having some work done. Bravo!


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