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Beardology: HANDSOME

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

A handsome man is a bearded man

(Post 196) Here at TCP's Beardology we celebrate the hairy man, and what we perceive to be undoubtedly the most HANDSOME man. Studies have shown that men with beards are seen as more mature, exhibit more dominance, and are seen as having a higher social status. One might say that if you find the bearded and hairy chested man the sexier than the smooth and shaved man that your own father may have had a beard during your extremely formative years as a child. That might be true as my father had a beard, but I have always seen the perfect man to be hairy. Wether it's sexual imprinting or simply masculinity at one of the purist forms I would much rather run my nose across a freshly musked hairy chest than a clean shaved one. So beard lovers unite and celebrate the furry men we love to adore ★ .

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