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Choosing your Mala:

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

The Men’s Beaded Bracelet

(Post 38) The popularity of men’s beaded bracelets have hit an all time high. Today’s styles draw heavily from Hinduism & Buddhism due to the heavy use of the Mala in its construction. A mala is simply a string of beads that are used in a meditation practice and can be made of many materials like gemstones, rudraksha seeds and sandalwood. Mala beads have been used by yogis and spiritual seekers for thousands of years and were first created 3000 years ago in India. The term ‘mala’ is Sanskrit for “meditation garland,” perfect for the creation of the Hipster beaded bracelet we see today. #mensbeadedbracelets #mensjewelry #malabracelets #hipsterstyle #tcp #thecuriopop


Take an athletic muscular man, ink him up to show off his physique, grow a beard, stop body shaving so you can own your hairy-assed chest and belly, throw a couple of lava rock Mala bracelets on him, and damn if he isn’t the coolest looking guy in the room. The basic truth is that these bracelets bump up your sex-appeal ten-fold, with many believing the wearer is sexually approachable. Wear one around your ankle and you are downright fuckable, and a bottom to boot!


So go ahead boys and express your manhood on your wrists or ankles. Just search Etsy for mens beaded Mala bracelets and have a ball picking and choosing the right one for you. Match bead material to your personality to help draw positive energy for whatever you wish to manifest in your life. The following is a list of the most popular materials and meanings:


The Meaning of the bead:

Bodhi Tree Seed: brings focus, clarity, and cleansing of the mind.

Bone: represents the suffering and changes of life; a constant reminder of death.

Ebony: Is a black hardwood famous for its beauty and durability, used for fatherhood and embracing light into darkness.

Lotus: stirs the mind to abundance and connection to the universal truths, awareness, and growth.

Rosewood: Sacred to Native Americans and used for connections to sacred spirit guides and ancestors.

Rudraksha: Transforms the everyday mundane into higher purposes and spiritual realms. It is good for ending bad habits.

Sandalwood: Good for removing obstacles and creating opportunities, and bringing sacred activities into your life.

Teak: Used by students and teachers to enhance clarity, learning, concentration, study, and focus/memory.

Tulsi: Connection to the feminine energies of motherhood, healing, abundance, growth, and to the Earth.


The Meaning of the Gemstones:

Amethyst: The stone of peace, relieves stress and protects against harm/poisons and can be an aid in overcoming addictions. A wisdom stone that helps in meditative practice.

Aventurine: Promotes success, wealth and prosperity, and increases mental power.

Carnelian: Promotes peace and harmony, dispels depression and increases patience, confers eloquence and bolsters courage.

Citrine: Increases second and third chakras, sexuality, and bodily energy. Is an aid against nightmares.

Clear Quartz: Good for programming, clear thinking, and meditation.

Garnet: Enhances bodily strength and endurance, and gives extra vigor. Repels negative energies.

Hematite: Draws illnesses and toxins from body. It is grounding and helps to focus attention.

Moonstone: Connection to the Goddess and emotions. Travelers’ protective stone.

Rose Quartz: Powerful healing of body and spirit, psychic, and intellect-raising stone. Stimulates love and opens the heart chakra. Promotes peace, love, and happiness.

Tiger’s Eye: Protective, increases courage and confidence, gives strength and increases energy flow.












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