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Creative Cutz: Color

(Post 144) Continuing with Modern Barbering, this list explores Creative Cutz & Color. First, find yourself a talented modern barbershop and get yourself a fabulous fade or tapered crop of your liking, then explore the addition of color! Colored hair is not seen as wild as back in the 80's, the heyday of Punk Rock (when you were denied entrance to Disneyland in California, or followed around by security ALL DAY LONG! - true story🤮), today adding color to your cut can be extremely acceptable in most industries. There is no better way to let the world know that you are alive and wont be overlooked, ideal for those with strong personalities. #creativecuts #tcpcreativecutz #thecuriopop #menshairstyles #barber #modernbarbering #crewcuts #menshair #haircolor #barbering #barbershop












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