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Creative Cutz: Today's Styles

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(Post 107) This is one of the very best times in modern history for men's hair styles. With so many options on the table these days, a great look is only as far as your local Barber. Wether you have a full head of hair or have joined the proud mature studs embracing Bald & Bearded, with facial hair complimenting the main hairstyles and sets the tone of the future of sexy.. #creativecutz #tcpcutz #tcp #trendinghairstylesformen #menshair


The modern quiff haircut is ideal for the medium length hair lover. Ideal products for styling the quiff is the pomade that comes in various holding strengths. The Quiff needs a puffy look so medium hold w/matte or shiny finish, and a good texture powder can do wonders to add lift and give a scruffy look.


The TinTin hairstyle is a form of the Quiff and is pulled from the classic cartoon character of the same name. This fabulous cut is ageless and adds a touch of youthful vigor to any man's look. Suggested products are a daily leave-in conditioner and a strong hold pomade with personal choice finish of matte or shine. This particular image is a Tapered TinTin Quiff (tapered meaning trimmed to very short hair).


The Undercut Hairstyle is used to create the New Mullet Cut. For the Rowdy, brash and unruly personality, this raw look is one of the definitive bad boy personas. This is a Fade cut (trimmed to the skin) with suggested products like leave in conditioner, medium hold grooming cream, texture powder and if you have curly hair a good curl definer🤟🏼😜.


The Classic Crew Cut, or a modern take on the military buzz cut, is an easy clean look that makes any guy of any style look well groomed under any situation. Varying lengths, fades and trims are easy for most barbers to apply to any shape head. Of course when you find a good barber (one who has mastered the fad & taper) stay loyal baby😉!


This is a combination Spiky Quiff with pro-shaping built into the fade. This manly, youthful, and sporty style works best with a leave-in conditioner and medium to strong hold pomade products. 👍


The always popular Comb Over...sporty fresh, clean and excellent choice for the working professional. This classic works great with either a tapper or fade, however we will always suggest the fade on all cuts. Waking up and looking at yourself in the morning and realizing you have to go get a hair cut is so annoying, anyway to extend the time between barber visits is a plus in our book👌🏾.


Another solid variation of the classic Crew Cut with a high fade. Hair is longer in front and slicked back in a come over. Classy, clean and comfortable for any personality type. Suggested products are lean-in conditioner and your choice pomade in matte or shine 😎.


This Wavy Quiff has a high-hard fade that is extremely popular for guys who want a little more up-top, and is stylized with medium hold for a natural fall.


This textured Spikey pompadour has a hard part with a pro-shaped V fade. This is a highly stylized cut that needs leave in conditioner, strong hold pomade and texture powder. Great for guys who love to primp and take the time to get ready, this cut loves all the attention you can give👌🏾!


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