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Creative Ink: STUDZ

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

A man's tattoos are a window to his sexuality

(Post 194) TCP's Creative Ink returns with STUDZ; a peek into the manly addition of ink to the mansome muscle. What makes a man sexy is more than just god given good looks, but by the tattoos and other adornments they chose to complete their appearance giving the adorner a good sense of overall style and personality. You can find your share of athletes, warriors, lumberjacks, skaters, bohemians, circuit boyz, playboyz, sex addicts, and teddybears. Some say that the tats a man wears is a window to his soul, and I would have to agree. Anything that helps establish that important first impression will help set the tone for any future encounter and/or relationship. So keep those eyes roaming people and enjoy our list of Creative Ink's STUDZ. As always if you see a creator you like simply follow the 🔗 beneath each picture or see references at the end of every list ✌🏻.

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📷 @djtheogomez w/ 📸 @marcusgianelli


📷 @str0id


📷 @christophitness


📷 @muckbootmatt


📷 @jackdixon_xx


📷 @joeblizzard


📷 @djtheogomez w/ 📸 @marcusgianelli


📷 @pulga_star_oficial w/ 📸@torodelacruz


📷 @joshua_andrew_official


📷 @the_griffopotamus


📷 @dieselhunks


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References: 📸 @marcusgianelli 📸@torodelacruz



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