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CulturePop: Elvira Collectables

(Post 132) Another Culturepop Fanboy spotlight - ELVIRA Mistress of the Dark collectables. Elvira devotees span the multifandom realm of the Gothic, Horror, LGBTQ and retro loving Right Brainers, and is popular year-round. This list spotlights a few hot collectables that every ELVIRA lover would adore to have on their shelves or in their homes. Fan culture adds color to our daily lives by providing opportunities to share a mutual appreciation with other like minded folks. We are ELVIRA fans and if you find your interest peaked we suggest starting your introduction with the 1988 campy comedy ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK now on Prime! This slapstick, "Valley Girl", one-liner filled folly is basically an extension of the tv series Movie Macabre which ran from 1981-1993. Filled with T&A jokes you can't help but giggle through the whole film. #tcp #thecuriopop #tcpculturepop #culturepop #elviramistressofthedark #elvira #elvirafandom #elviracollectable #collectable #retrovamp #comedyhorror #Elvirafan











ELVIRA Salt & Pepper Shakers


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