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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

(Post 192) Mastering the selfie is truly an art form and, one would think, is a given in today's CulturePop. Wether a shot is staged or spontaneous, motionless or depicting action, a great self portrait speaks volumes in the social scene that is today's pop-media. With an endless suply of men more than eager to share their looks with the universe, we have compiled a list of talented creators with captivating self portraits just waiting for your perusal. Now, many depict one of the single most important aspect of the male It is no secret that here at TCP we promote men the way they were meant to be enjoyed; covered in manly fur with their handsome-mansome wiles in check. Enjoy this list while you get your phone out and start shooting. As always with all the TCP hit-lists, if you see something you like speak out, or follow the links assiciated with each picture. I am always listening and remember, practice make perfect 😉.

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