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DIY Wallpaper Ideas for your phone

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

(Post 48) One extension of our personality is how we choose to decorate our Smart Phones. With Social Media quickly eclipsing the traditional way we access information, fine-tuning your digital image on all platforms is more important than ever. The most personal of which is our phones. This list consists of classic Op Art images from the movement's masters. With a little tweaking of the sizing options, the following is our DIY Op Art Wallpapers in 10 ūüĎć. #DIYwallpaper #iphonewallpaper #phonewallpapers #artwallpapers #opart #opartwallpapers

Thomas Downing's Summer (1960) ©Thomas Downing


Francois Morellet's Répartition régulière de carrés (1971). ©Francois Morellet


Edna Andrade's Short Ride (1969) ©Edna Andrade


Marcel Barbeau's Retina-Don't Bug Me ©Marcel Barbeau


Francois Morellet's Répartition aléatoire du rouge au jaune suivant progression... ©Francois Morellet


Francois Morellet's Bleu-Vert-Jaun-Orange (1954) ©Francois Morellet


Francois Morellet's Untitled (Verticals and Horizontals) 1970. ©Francois Morellet


Martha Koto's Désintégration (1971) ©Martha Moto


Edna Andrade's Turbo 1-65 (1965). ©Edna Andrade


Almir Mavignier's Reflexo sobre Amarelo-limão. ©Almir Mavignier


Thomas Downing's Summer (1960). ©Thomas Downing


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