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EDM Festivals: July Pt.2

(Post 168) EDM's Pt.2 in the July Global Music Festival Lineup see's Germany & France as big players in the festival circuit. July also marks the return of Disneyland Paris's Electronic Music Festival: Electroland 2019! Top club music addicts and Disney Park fans relish in this 3rd annual, hounest to goodness adult music festival (go figure). This month also sees the cancelation of Lost Theory Festival 2019: Spain, see the festival website below for the heartfelt announcement and more information. As we move through the year festivals come, festivals go, locations may vary but they all have one common denominator... they are all gatherings of peace, love and unity. If you see a festival of particular interest please click the website located below each event docket. #tcp #tcpmusicfestivals #thecuriopopfestivals #dancefestivals #edmfestivals #festivals #Happenings #gathering #musicgatherings #danceparty #nightclub #clubmusic #dj #djfestivals #djdancefestivals #dancemusic #disneylandparis #electroland2019 #wirelessfestival2019 #wishoutdoorfestival #downtherabbithole #paradisecityfestival #thepeacocksociety #airbeatone #antarisproject #ruisrock #kappafuturfestival

📸 @DreamfieldFestival


RuisRock 2019

Turku, Finland July 5-7, 2019 Website:


Wireless Festival 2019

London, Uk July 5-7, 2019 Website:


Wish Outdoor 2019

Beek En Donk, Netherlands July 5-7, 2019 Website:


Down The Rabbit Hole 2019

Beuningen, Netherlands July 5-7, 2019 Website:


Paradise City 2019

Perk, Belgium July 5-7, 2019



The Peacock Society 2019

Paris, France July 5-6, 2019 Website:


Electroland 2019

Disneyland Paris, France July 5-7, 2019 Website:


Wireless Festival Germany 2019

Frankfurt, Germany July 5-6, 2019 Website:


Antaris Project 2019

Gollenberg, Germany July 5-8, 2019 Website:


Electric Love 2019

Salzburgring, Austria July 5-7, 2019 Website:


Kappa FuturFestival 2019

Turin, Italy July 6-7, 2019 Website:


DreamFields Festival 2019

Lathum, Netherlands July 6-7, 2019 Website:


Hard Island 2019

Zrće Beach, Croatia July 7-11, 2019 Website:


Ruhr-In-Love 2019

Oberhausen, Germany July 7, 2019 Website:


**CANCELED** LostTheory Festival 2019 **CANCELED**

Las Batuecas, Spain July 9-15, 2019 Website: 😢


AirBeat One 2019

Neustadt-Glewe, Germany July 10-14, 2019 Website:


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