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For The Love Of God

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(Post 10) One Godzilla fan explains his origin of love for the King of Monsters. #tcp #tcpgodzilla #godzilla #kingofmonsters #kaijucrush #kaiju


When I was a kid I was afraid of 3 things...Earthquakes, Big Foot and you guessed it, Godzilla. If you ask any Godzilla fan today there is a high probability that most, if not all, share a childhood fear of the big guy. How such a deliciously campy creation could imprint on generations of kids is incredible to say the least. The fact that it all started with a scare I find most curious. An image of a creeping, hulking monster set as the backdrop to a city scape with super-imposed screaming people running for the hills. Yup, that'll do it if you're are boy under 10 with an active imagination who pondered subjects that were well beyond his years. Well, that would have been me.


I found it terrifying to see Godzilla looming in the distance and citizens evacuating at a moments notice, well I felt their terror. In fact I devised a plan on how to survive a Godzilla rampage. It seemed so simple to me that you would just have to get behind him, wait till he passed, and you'd be fine. Until I saw Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (Fanboys know what I'm talking about) where a scene with a teenage survivor was trapped while recuperating in Hospital. She was all wrapped up to prevent movement and had to sit in horror while


Godzilla was slowly approaching. Each step of the giant beast drew the girl into more turmoil as she was unable to move due to her broken arm and leg. Finally he passed her window and it appears she made it unscathed and sighed in relief. Then all of the sudden Godzilla's tail comes hurling across the screen, slams into hospital turning it to rubble, and the teenager perishes. Well, that was that...try as you may, there is no escaping the King of Monsters.


Now being fully grown I can see the beauty of TOHO Studios and greatly appreciate the legacy they continue to nurture. I love the whole collection from the Showa Era (which started with classics, ended in utter silliness) to the exciting Heisei Era, and ending with the still highly addictive Millennium Era films (of which I still watch regularly- so fun to just have on when you're multi-tasking). The world is still being treated to the king with the Legendary series currently in mid-run. The upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters has every fan waiting with bated breath to once again be terrorized by the one true King.


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