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FORM: Asana

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

(Post 162) The goal of FORM is to bring awareness to the many avenues of men's health, fitness and self-enlightenment. Yoga is the extraordinary discipline which commands strength in both body and soul. There is arguably no better way for a man to become intimate with his own body's institution than to participate in Yoga instruction combined with meditation. Achieving perfection with the Asana can be an eye opening experience that will elevate your well being to new heights. Take a look at these strikingly beautiful poses by talented Yogi's. Many believe that inner peace and balance is achieved through the strength of Hatha Yoga, the third limb of Pantanjali's eightfold path of ashtanga (guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life). If you see someone you would like to learn more about, links are below. #thecuriopop #tcpform #yoga #asana #hatha #modernyoga #stretching #workout #meditation #pantanjali #ashtanga

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