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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

(Post 186) TheCurioPop's FORM returns with a great hit-list based on STRENGTH & REWARD. Working out means more than just hitting the gym and getting a good sweat on. Sometimes I think it isn't said is damn hard for most folks out there. It can take all of your strength to go for that walk, or start that stretch, or even leave that house and be among others. The guys we see all over Instagram, YouTube, and all forms of Social Media all seem to be living large with precious rewards that appear to be given to them at every turn. For some that may be true, and; if it, is I hope that they realize how privileged they are, and show respect by being kind to others. Most of us, however, have to deal with the daily grind of dealing with personal fears, regrets, insecurities, and all the accompanying trials and tribulations...all the while taking deep breaths, downing bottles of cold water and an occasional Xanax every now an again 😉. The fact is if you stay strong and true to yourself, work a little exercise into your routine and it may help you tackle a hill in the foreseeable future before it tuns into a mountain. The reward is better time to enjoy this life we were all given.

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