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FORM: Stretch

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

(Post 165) Every body knows it's important to stretch before you hit the weights as a preventative measure and warm up ritual that makes your gym time more productive. Speaking frankly guys, stretching is not always the relaxing, peaceful and meditative state of nirvana that pro athletes and accomplished Yogi's radiate (oooh, to be so limber). Too many average dudes out there will find it to be incredibly uncomfortable - painful even, and just dang exhausting as each stretch should be held for a minimum of 30sec-1min. The fact is stretching is all of this and so much more. If you are a gymhead stretching prior to lifting not only helps prevent injury, but does indeed give your growth goals a symboloc shot of caffiene allowing for bigger and better results. For the average, everyday guy a daily strech will improve basic agility, and in fact doubles down on continued mobility as you aproach middle age and beyond. So, it appears this is something all us guys need to do, hands down. So grab a mat or create a comfortable spot on the floor infront of your favorite sport, financial news or cartoon show and give some time for your current and future well being. #thecuriopop #tcpform #stretching #mensfitness #mensyoga #yoga #workoutprep #dailystretch #menshealth #menswellbeing #mensmeditation #asana #yogi #bearded #inkedmen #tattooed

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