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FORM: Workout

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

(Post 158) In this episode of FORM we get a glimpse of a few workouts by dedicated Instaguys. These boys have no problem showing off what they work so hard to achieve. Dedication and routine brings results, while diet and rest brings a clear head. Mind, body and soul find harmony when a man's physique reaches its peak. How I wish I had a workout buddy like one of these fellas, it would surely give me the boost I need to stay consistant. Ah heck lets face it...unless you are getting paid to look like this it's hard as hell to stay at it all the time. I personally have reached nirvana, then lost it about three times in my life 🙄, beacause if you ever stop it vanishes faster that a dozen of warm Krispy Kremes in a police station at 5am. So find your comfort zone. Make reasonable goals and embrace your body no matter what it looks like...still, it's always nice to admire others 😉. #tcpform #thecuriopop #workout #mensfitness #gymday #handsome #weightlifting #beardedandfit #epicbeards #lumbersexual #scruffy


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