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PARK HIGHLIGHT: Kolmården...

Updated: May 3, 2019

(Post 42) Scandinavia’s gift to vacationers and theme park enthusiast everywhere.

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Nestled in the countryside just south of Stockholm, covering 370 acres sits Kolmården Wildlife Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Nordic countries.


The treasures of Kolmården are truly the Animals. Primarily a World Class Animal Conservatory, this zoo utilizes the most unique Aerial Tramway system I have ever seen to view their exhibits. The Safari Gondola lets you view the natural and free range enclosures in a manner unique to Kolmården, from the comfort and safety of the Ariel tramway.


Created by Doppelmayer / Garaventa World Group for the park in 2011, this unusual layout featuring 6 turns and 2.6 km in length, was a massive investment for the future of the park. The uni-directional counter-clockwise flow boasts varying levels of height which allow guests to get relatively close to the wild animals and maintain a safe and unobtrusive distance.


The Suits of Kolmården have big plans for the park as they recently opened the embattled Wildfire rollercoaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction (yes, an RMC). This phenomenal e-ticket attraction of the highest caliber almost had to be destroyed shortly after construction was completed in 2016. The initial permit was revoked due to a question that dealt with the sound effect the attraction would have on the dolphin enclosure nearby.

The opening of Wildfire, the first “RMC” in Scandinavia, has been a bacon to theme park enthusiast around the world to hop on a plane and experience Kolmården. The true take away of this amazing destination is the park as a whole, the natural beauty of its local, and the amazingly majestic animals that inhabits it’s boarders.












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