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Man's obsession with Himself

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Post #5 Observations behind clothing nominal/optional #menselfies online.


Today the selfie has become entwined with our daily lives in more ways than one. As our phone tech evolves, we now have the ability to carry a virtual film studio along with us to the gym, out on the streets, to exotic locations and into our own private spots like bedrooms, locker rooms, showers...allowing intimate glimpses into our lives,


In fact, nothing has done more to fuel the emotion know as desire, often held deep within us, like safely and respectfully being the invited voyeur for a stranger. Sending out half naked pics of their hot muscled bodies for the world to see, judge, drool...well, who wouldn't watch? The human animal is naturally a communal creature, with the male critters virility in abundance, it subconsciously needs to ensure his seed will flow to secure the continuation of the species. This sounds so crazy technical, but if you take it down to street level, it basically rings true. Men who have worked hard to embrace a fitness lifestyle love to look at themselves, and so do we. The harder the body, the stronger the desire to attract mates. The animal kingdom calls it survival of the fittest. Most call it a good time.


When you browse through our STUD: AMATEUR board it's really like browsing through a candy store in your local mall. So many delicious options that you just wanna take a nibble! Random male selfies can allow men to admire other men, get inspiration on what kind of body they hope to achieve through gym training or tap into hidden feelings that are present in all of us, but are suppressed by our upbringing, etc.

So go ahead and study that hairy chest. Close your eyes and inhale the mixture of cologne, testasterone and patchouli oil at the base of his Treasure Traill. Our imaginations are a gift that can refuel our individual drives for more intimate attention in our lives.


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