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Manscaping 101

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

(Post 17) Man grooming: the basics. OK, so you made the choice to have a beard, mustache, body hair…aw heck, you just want to be a man damn it! That’s great news for your personal and private life. Your manhood will be thanking you as it is about to get a lot more attention. Having a hairy chest and lush treasure trail only adds to the imagination of others as it makes them wonder what lies beneath. Here are a few tricks to help you tame your National Park for maximum man-some freedom.#manscaping #mensgrooming #shaving #tcp #tcpmanscaping #mensgroomingtips


Above The Belt:

So you’ve been growing your mustache & beard and find it is time to start shaping it into the perfect look. Get yourself a pair of rounded edged mustache scissors and a piece of blank white stock paper. A nifty trick for cutting unwanted kinks or freak hairs is to place the white paper under your mustache. This allows you to see the edge of the hairline after you brush or comb it. It also makes it easier to hard cut the small V in the middle of the stache below the nose.


Tackle The Groin:

Naturally, if you let your pubic hairs grow wild & willy down there, your dick is gonna get lost in the growth. Keeping the general area around the penis short to medium in length is ideal to maintain that manly hair while making you look bigger (a natural added plus!). Many men have shaved all of their pubic hair off, but thats not why you are


here. I want to encourage manly hair wherever your body sees fit to grow it. Take your razor in the shower with you and pull the skin of the shaft taught and shave from the base up. Your penis must remain flaccid while shaving otherwise you will nick the hair follicles and cause painful bloody pricks everywhere. Yikes!

Your partner will thank you for it.

Keeping your hair trimmed below the belt helps improve oral sex dramatically. A tame wilderness means less strays caught in your mouth or the back of your throat. Always remember to moisturize after shaving by rubbing a moisture rich lotion on and around your penis & balls, included in & around your anus. At this time I like to add a few drops of a rich body oil like patchouli or sandalwood to the base of the ball sack, smearing a drop at the end of the happy trail. The aroma will stay below the belt and not interfere with any cologne you may have on your chest. As you go about your day the oil will mix with your body oil hormones and act as a type of aphrodisiac for those enjoying some oral Funtime. Build this into your morning routine and you will notice a stride of confidence to your step you didn’t have before.


In conclusion, routines are the backbones of life. You build your manscaping routine into your daily morning hygein routine and you will be ready for anything that should come your way. No surprises...except from that unexpected hookup on Friday night...that lasted till Sunday 😉.


Legal Disclaimer: Pictures displayed throughout and subsequent posts and lists is owned entirely by the copyright holders. TheCurioPop makes no claim of ownership and simply uses images for purposes of education, commentary, and criticism under fair use. TCP/TheCurioPop logo and all references to is the sole property of TheCurioPop and its owner.


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