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Reshaping GHOSTBUSTERS, Again.

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(post #19 ) The world now knows a new ghostbusters movie is in the works to be set back to canon, apparently ignoring the Hard reboot that was Paul Feig’s “Answer the Call”. An announcement that seemed to come out of nowhere and brought Leslie Jones to Twitter to express her surprise & frustrations with the whole “Ghostbusters mess”. I have to say, although her presentation may have allot to be desired, who could blame her. #newghostbustersmovie #ghostbusters #tcppopculture #tcp #thecuriopop #curiopop #tcpfilms #films #newfilms


Ghostbuster 2016

The female cast ensemble of the 2016 Ghostbusters of Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Jones had the greatest pedigree a female lead comedy could have. For whatever reasons the 2016 reboot failed to launch, there was greatness there. All you have to do is watch the film to see a dream cast have such potential. These actresses also had deals to include sequels, and though the film may not have made the amount expected, it wasn't as bad as the tabloids and social media claimed. YouTube has given rise to a whole new power set...the rant.


New Ghostbusters

The power of suggestion can manipulate the masses is great ways. The dumpster fire (as the 2016 reboot is often referred) was the fan perception & reception of the project, not the box office gross. It does make sense to try again, but so soon after the last one? If so, why not combine both timelines and make the movie appeal to both sides of the demographics. Why throw away this incredible cast? I say keep them and give them something they can run with

like Join the timelines through some paranomal anomoly.


Canon Ghostbusters

Don't hold the talented cast back. Let them loose on the new canon characters and get scary! My son prefers the new Ghostbusters and I admit, I like it too. It's just as goofy as the original but from a different perspective. The 1984 version will always have the origin going for it with originality and pedigree first. I also love both films star SNL players.


As for “Answer the Call”, the special effects of today’s talented artists along with modern technology should have been able to fill the “original” part of the reboot, but…it failed to reach the audience. You can sit and watch many talented creators on YouTube spell out what film makers would have, should have done, or what was stupid, etc…and make great sense of it all. I enjoy watching them because I seem to like allot of films the big creators hate. I agree with most of them on all their points, although I’m not afraid to enjoy these films either.


Social media is such that many will never even see the 2016 Ghostbusters because of all the hate the film received before and after it's opening. Weird but true. You know, there is a bigger picture behind rebooting a 20 or 30 year old property. My thirteen year old also prefers the new Poltergeist than the original. Maybe having a pre-teen son made me view these movies with a mind of a youngling, which may not be such a bad thing.


Family Movie Night

Having recently rewatched the original Ghostbusters 1(being giggly great) & 2(kinda meh rehash of the first) and Poltergeist 1(amazing), 2 (feeling nauseous), and 3 (projectile vomitus) I had to admit these films do not hold up like everyone thinks, especially the special effects. As for the new remakes my whole family enjoyed both films and took them at face value…popcorn flicks that were entertaining and therefor valid enough to take a seat at todays pop culture table.


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