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Updated: Jun 9, 2019

(Post 167) In this series we call the StudFeed10 (SF10) we showcase the fabulous bodytypes of the global male physique. You can still be wild & impetuous, traveling & living the festival lifestyles all while maintaining a well balanced mind, body and soul. Healthier meal choices, staying active with daily stretching and workouts, detox when total indulgence prevails, and completely understand and accept the importance of sleep. Anyway, with the StudFeed10 we present glorious examples to keep your mind in the game, and you fit for your future that awaits. These guyz are in celebration of summer and holidays, so if travel is not in the cards for you this year we can dream a little together 😉. #thecuriopop #tcpsf10 #studs #mensfashion #menswimwear #handsome #bearded #workoutresults #hairy #instaboys #summer #summerfashion #menintrunks























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References: & @gabrielfelixphotography



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