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StylePop: EDGE

(Post 170) For a man to emit that EDGE from his look, he would have to wear his inner passions on his sleeve. It's a pulling together of genre with combinations of dapper & rock n'roll, shaken-not stirred, and served straight up in a shot glass. For today's modern man the artistic bad ass look emulates fearless confidence. As you browse the style list notice the variety from vintage retro, biker, international clubber, artistic, cozy and mysterious...they all share a certain feel to their overall look. They have that EDGE that makes them stand out with a unique attraction that is undeniable. They certainly garner the looks so remember to stay kind people, we are all on this earth together. #thecuriopop #tcpstylepop #beards #mensfashion #hipsterstyle #dapper #mensretrostyle #urbanstyle #hipster

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