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StylePop: New Biz

Updated: May 10, 2019

(Post 140) The work place is getting more accustomed to unique twists in style for today's business wear. First and foremost TCP recognizes the full bearded man as the true manly look, and it is that ruggedness that makes the individual's daily outfit better. The well groomed full bearded body helps bring out the artist/hipster in all men and manifests in color choices, texctures and accoutrements. Let your inner stylist loose in the work place and you will soon own the day. Smart and choice additions like suspenders, time pieces, eyewear, ties, hats, pocket squares, vests, bealts, shoes and socks can change a basic suit and tie combo into a stylized ensemble. #thecuriopop #tcpstylepop #stylepop #menssuits #Mensfashion #businesssuits #beards #hairymen #beardedstyle #hipsterstyle #hipster #menshairstyles #shades #professionalstyle #suits #plaidsuits #3piecesuits #stylish #hipfashion #sunglasses












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