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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

(Post 188) This week's StylePop is a bit of a StudFeed mash-up as our list of extremely handsome fellas share a common feel of the-boy-next-door type. Who hasn't had that super sexy neighbor, dorm mate or gym rat that caught their eye and fed their fantasies. Inspiring one to be the best that they can be and embrace their inner manhood. Wether your drawn to the full bearded gent with the groomed, shaped, scruff or XL look, the tattooed muscle stud or the young and lean pool boy type, our sexuality needs to be acknowledged by each individual. Only then can we truly have a full-filling life journey that we are all cappable of enjoying. The day is yours to do/be whatever you desire. Live and love guys, and remember to be kind.

#thecuriopop #tcpstylepop #tcpsf10 #nextdoorboys #bearded #musclemen #woof #tattooedguys #inkedmuscle #athleticmale #poolboy #fratboy #gymrat #instaguy #casualmen #streetstyle

📷 @mistercaccamo


📷 @mikechabotfitness


📷 @mistercaccamo


📷 @adamcam10


📷 @christianhogue w/ 📸 @axeldelai


📷 @jaygould_ w/ 📸 @samvvargas


📷 @michelepaci


📷 @lx_koch


📷 @tobi.888 w/ 📸 @michael_laurien_photography


📷 @grography


📷 @gregorynalbone


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References: w/ 📸 @axeldelai w/ 📸 @samvvargas w/ 📸 @michael_laurien_photography



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