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StylePop/SF10: TRUNKS

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

(Post 190) Late July finds us in the heat of the summer holiday ripe with pool parties, boardwalks and beach hangouts. What better way to fully embrace the dog days of summer than with a hit-list of handsome fellas in TRUNKS. Call it sensational gratuitous eye-candy, bathroom fodder, or dream-tastic virtual catcalling, but we like to consider it...inspirational. I would say these guys would be perfect if they simply had a little more hairiness. You just can't do more for the "Handsome-Mansome" than a bare stomach, chest, or legs complimented with manly hair on skin that has been daily moisturized and lightly scented with a richly sweet musk. So kick it and scan this TCP's StylePop/SF10 mashup and relish in all the summertime goodness that follows.

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