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StylePop: Urban Wear

(Post 157) Today's StylePop showcases fantastic looks of today's Urban Wear. Weither you find yourself a casual style lover of denim & hoodies, a sneaker junkie or a Brand lover...thoughtful combination of colors, paterns and textures bring your street cred to new heights. Piecing that perfect outfit together is easier than you think. First use your skin tone as your base/background and choose your colors acordingly. Match your shoes to your shirt, cap to your jacke/hoodie and accessories that pop (or keep it neutral) and you will find that dope look that makes you sick. Check the following list for some great places to start! #tcpstylepop #thecuriopop #mensfashion #urbanwear #sneakers #streetwear #sneakerhead #casualmensfashion #dopestyle #sickstyle












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