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StylePop: You Do You

(Post 124) This list highlights the stylized casual look that's YOU. True Urban Wear is birthed by the individual. Color coordination, texture and accessory choices, hairdo or ball caps...your essence is displayed through the ensembles you create. As you wake up daily and "join the living" (either in an office or on the streets of Life) take notice of your individuality. Draw from the elements found in these lists and put something together, you. When you are honest with yourself and chose properly you will draw looks, so be proud of the attention and stay genuine. Be kind men...its the best accessory you can adorn. #tcpstylepop #tcp #thecuriopop #thecuriopopstylepop #mensfashion #mensstyle #urbanwear #streetwear #casual #dailycasual #men #bearded #epicbeard #tattoo #inkedandbearded #studs












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