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TCP's CulturePop: MEN & CARS

The eye catching appeal that is boys with their toys.

(Post 200) Men and their love of cars is an affair that began in Germany, in 1888, with the production of the first Mercedes Benz. While time and styles may have changed, a man's adoration for cars has remained the same. Maybe it's the literal manifestation and representation of male virility personified, but it does seem that a hot car is usually driven by a hot guy. The right wheels can give the impression a man is not just successful in business, but with chosen partners as well, and the right look can only escalate that idea to new heights. It's no doubt allot of thought goes into choosing a man's Ride. His personality and style seem to meld seamlessly with his choice to project the right impression. The shots in our hit-list give excellent examples of a variety of reflective personalities of man and machine. You know what the say about dogs and their owners? Well...

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