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The 1975

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(Post 16) A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships: Review. The third album from Manchester, England’s high-gloss, synth-rock group THE 1975 seems to hit all the right notes for a smash pop album. Smooth and peppy beats form a continuous rhythm that insures it wont be long before the listener finds themself mouthing, tapping and pop-locking along throughout their day. #tcpmusicreview #the1975 #tcp #tcppopculture #tcpreviews


Each of their previous albums produced bonafide hits, despite questionable lyrics. “A Brief Inquiry” does not stray from the formula of past successes that 29 year old lead singer & rhythm guitarist Matt Healy has set for his band. Flat out, in your face swearing, controversial and down right nasty topics mixed with clever, irresistible high-gloss rock and pop would find a niche in the market of popular music of today.

In fact The 1975 seemed to dive deeper into controversial realms while still creating music you want to sing, dance or hum too. Just makes it difficult for those daddy mommies out there with kids & teens in the car.

The most profanity laced lyrics belong to the delightful synth-pop beats of Give Yourself A Try, the addictive rifts of Love It If We Made It, and the pure pop sounds of It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You). These songs are so good, and catchy, they make you smile while you lip-sync lyrics you wanna gag too (certainly not for your children).

Then you have these delightful family friendly tunes that everyone can move to. The carefree joy beats of TOOTIMETOOTIMETO…,The slow burn of How To Draw/Petrichor, the soulful Sincerity Is Scary, to the trance repeats of I Like America & America Likes Me. The spoken words of The Man Who Married A Robot/Love Theme, to the thought provoking Inside Your Mind and I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) are honorable mentions.

All in all, “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships” is a joyful pop journey. I would say if alternative pop/rock is your thing than you have a winner here. The band is about to start extensive touring, but are already talking about their next album “Notes on A Conditional Form”. I have a feeling they will be here for awhile and fingers crossed they will keep evolving and growing into the greatness that is sprinkled throughout.

Out of Five ☆ - ☆☆☆☆


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