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The Bespoken Shoe

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(Post 40) The Über elitist handmade process that yields epic results. Say what you will about The Bespoken Mogul business based in Chicago, but the product is truly a work of art. The Bespoke bootmaking process of individually crafted mens shoes is painstaking for both the client and the artisan. The orders are outsourced throughout Europe to individual cobblers who are trained in the ancient hand-made process. #TheBespokenMogul #BespokeShoes #BespokeBootmaking #HandmadeShoes


Given the sheer logistics you would expect hick-ups to be part of the process. The detailed client measurements flow into the crafting of a wooden foot model, then the cutting, crafting, and painting of the leather eventually produces the most incredible man’s shoe we have ever seen. Her is our list of 10 for The Bespoken Mogul's brand...












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