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The PopStop

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Post #1 A welcome from the editor

Welcome to The PopStop - your communication direct to & from the editor in chief of Curiopop!. This area will post various need-to-know info that keeps you informed of events around The Curiopop experience.

All the avenues of Curiopop represent the interest of the man specimen's mind. We have taken the curiosity out of him and popped it, blowing residue all over us with exciting and unusual results. The talented folks behind the scenes (basically me right now) strive daily to decipher and expand each category with hopes of provoking excitement and stimulation, and then to inject said stimulation into the daily grind that is your LIFE, my LIFE, our LIFE!

The various categories here will be supported directly by and referring to our daily Pinterest feed. My wish is for you to feel welcome here. Together we will explore areas of thought, style, sensuality, fashion, art, Fandom, Geekdom, movies, music, cravings, pop culture and men. Wether you share The Curiopop with others, or simply develop a more intimate relationship with us by oneself, We will all go to bed at night knowing that we are not alone, and we are beautiful.

Editor in Chief

-The PopStop


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