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The Manly Beard

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(Post 4) Nothing says manly-man like a hairy chest and a full bearded look. With a little discipline, you can rock that dope hipster look with a beard for any taste. It has been widely said you can take boy and make a man out of him with something as simple as a beard and stache. That may be true, only we will only be speaking of adults around 18 or over boys only please 😉. #epicbeards #beardsandstache #mustachelife #beardedlife #hairy

Full Bearded Lg Perennial


Full bearded XL Hungarian

So you have decided you want to join the beard nation, go backpacking in Bear Country or just want to be able to cry Woof! and get a response. Congratulations on taking this first step to Beau Hunk Greatness. Keep in mind, simply not shaving won't help you look like Nanok, Mountain Man of the North. Believe it or not the number one advise professionals tell their clients is to work on a healthy sleep regimen, 7-9 hours a night! Yikes! Sound familiar guys? We have all heard this from a coach or trainer at one time or another at the gym on muscle development, well the same applies to healthy hair growth. Eating healthier foods or diets also helps like The Paleo and Mediterranean Diets which are high on essential amino acids & minerals that aid in hair growth.


Full Bearded Med w/Grand Handlebar

Having a full beard offers you the opportunity to go full Artisan & enter the marvelous community of extraordinary mustache connoisseurs. To sport a baby like this dope Handlbar to the right, you will need to be disciplined and enjoy primping. Getting ready is not something you can do in 5 minutes, and the daily use of Beard Oil, wax and other products keep your mailbox full and the compliments-a-plenty. I'll break that down in more detail in a future post. You will become a believer that a beard makes everything better.


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