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The PopStop!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Post #11 - the website is running, but is work in progress. #popstop

Hey guys, welcome to the ever-growing site designed with your interests in mind. We are up and flying through space and time, but expect a few glitches as we figure this format out. It would appear our comment sections for each post may be temporarily disabled (working on it), and until that time you feel so inclined to make a shout out or a comment, please utilize the chat now tab. We may not be able to respond immediately during the night, but you have a pretty good chance at getting me.

We are up & flying with meat in hand!

Look forward to new posts daily and new Flash Fiction weekly (will try to write more if time permits as I have so may ideas to explore!). My goal is to entertain and educate and am so grateful for all the interest I received on Pinterest.

This is a quick one...big thanks for stoping by...stop by regular and watch us grow...have fun and are so dope.

Editor in Chief

The Curiopop


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