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The popSTOP!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

...from the EDITOR.

Hello guyz, thank you and welcome. I hope you are enjoying TCP and all it offers our followers. This is a quick note to address the wanky posting schedual of late. Although I try very hard to stick to a schedual that I can provide regularly, things being as they are my time is limited for the next 2-3 weeks as my teenage son is on summer holiday. Although I am trying to post at least one list 3x a week, I am not going to kill myself if I miss a day. You know the first. Also, I terribly dislike the platform this site was built on (WIX) and are aware of continuous issues with hashtags, links and layouts suddenly changing for no reason. My goal is to relocate to a new hosting platform in the future, but for now we have close to 200 posts for you to enjoy at any time. Be kind guys (fist pump👊🏽).

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