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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

(Post 175) In the StudFeed today we embrace the wonder of summer with SUN SHOTS. Here at the TCP we did a deep dive into the seasonal antics of talented creators from around the world. These men endulge in the season of the sun while showcasing all the benefits of living a heallthy lifestyle. The SF10 is truly all the inspiration you need to keep hitting that gym. As a man enters middle age you can only do what your body allows, so learn to embrace the years as they pass with alarming speed. Be kind people. #thecuriopop #studfeed10 #tcpsf10 #musclestuds #workoutresults #beachbum #summerfashion #hairy #bearded #handsome #instamen #trunks #mensswimwear

📷 @janis_danner


📷 @danielvasquezh


📷 @thestormstorm


📷 @nickcolletti w/ 📸 @taylormillerphoto


📷 @lonosaremi w/📸 @cedric_roulliat_photography


📷 @troybrittonjohnson


📷 @philippe_leblond


📷 @miguelangelsilvestre


📷 @lucakreuzer


📷 @iamsimonebredariol


📷 @janis_danner


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References: w/ 📸 @taylormillerphoto w/ 📸 @cedric_roulliat_photography



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