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The Stylist: Accoutrements

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

(Post 160) No look can be complete without some tasteful accoutrements. A liitle here, a little there all help stylize and elevate your finished look. Accents include jewlry, eyewear, hats, handkerchief, suspenders, ties, pocket squares, and man-bags. You can easily use an accent to bring a color coordination or contrast to your any look. Use your shoes as a good base for your secondary color palette and build from there. Matching your hat, belt, ties, etc. to your look will bring your outfit full circle in exciting new ways. #tcpstylist #thecuriopop #mensjewlry #mensbracelets #menshats #hipsterstyle #mensaccessories #mensaccents #mala #sunglases












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