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The Stylist: TIME

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

(Post 193) Men have long shared a common passion for time pieces. In fact, the men's watch has endured the test of TIME to become a statement of not just success, but excess. The wrist watch has become the global staple for princes, billionairs, and trust fund recipients with impeccable craftsmen-ship mixed with trending designs. The stylized original time piece has become the number one men's jewelry accessory with costs that are shockingly impressive, with most in this list starting at multi six figure price points. There is a reason pieces like the ones in this list catch the eye of such men as the Crown Prince of Ajman, Justin Bieber and Denzel Washington. As for you, are you ready to wear a watch that is worth the cost of a medium size home? Of course, it doesn't cost anything to dream 😌💤.

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⏱ Richard Mille


📷 @meir1401 ⏱ Girard Perregaux


📷 @anilarjandas⏱ Audemars Piguet


📷 whatusmenlike⏱ ROLEX


📷 @elitetimenyc⏱ Richard Mille


📷⏱ Richard Mille


📷 @watch.carlos⏱ HUBLOT


📷 @gwatchg ⏱ Audemars Piguet


📷 @indestemps ⏱ROLEX's Mickey's 90th


📷 @tommyswatches ⏱ CARTIER


📷 @serjewelry ⏱ ROLEX by...


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