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The Umbrella Academy: Review (Spoiler Alert!)

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(Post 59) Netflix’s adaptation of The Dark Horse comic takes it time, but ultimately lands on its feet with a cliffhanger ending that screams season 2. #moviereviews #showreviews #umbrellaacademyreview #tcpblog #tcpblogreviews #tcpreviews


Right off the bat I knew The Umbrella Academy was my kind of show. It defiantly had a type of X-men feel to it, only much darker in both tone and humor. For awhile I thought maybe its because Ellen Page was not only part of the ensemble cast, but she played Kitty Pryde in the X-Men big screen adaptations. Then you have kids with powers who are trained to save the world, but for similarities thats about it.


The show progresses as a bit of a slow burn as kindle is set for the stories to come in the future. The way they adapted the comic worked well as we slowly learned about our main characters through random flash backs of childhood training and how the kids have handled surviving and adapting to life as adults. It's a story that stresses family above all which is a fantastical concept, although not always an easy thing in reality.


The death of their adopted father brings the children home, a place most of them ran away from when they were old enough. When their long lost brother 5, who time jumps, reappears with a warning the world will end in a few days, deciphering the mystery of his cryptic message and avoiding the murderous rampage of a pair of “Pulp Fiction” type assigns, forces the siblings to unite once more. Oh, did I mention they were raised by an Au Pair duo of a robot and a monkey (who was rendered incredibly well).


As for standouts I have to give it to 5 who was incredibly convincing as an old man in a kids body. Hazel & Cha-Cha were very much scene stealers, as well as Pogo the monkey and Mom the robot. I look forward to seeing and learning more about their father, and I am eager to learn more about Ben, their deceased brother who has monsters from other universes under his skin, and is channeled through brother Klaus the medium. Ellen Page finally kicked some when her powers took over and she transformed from sister Vanya to The White Violin.


Luther's strength, Allison's ability to push and Diego's knife throwing (they didn't even mention his ability to hold his breath indefinitely) still needs a deep dive.

The show is played with so much angst you could feel the nervousness of each character. If you make it through the middle it kicks into full gear for episodes 8, 9 and 10…with 8 and 10 bringing it home in a major way. The explosive and crazy ending is a total killer should we not get a season 2. When I read that season 2 has yet to be green lit, I was shocked. The whole ending of season 1 is predicated on having a season 2, so why end it like that if another season wasn't a given.

Clearly the industry is finding their footing in this new world of streaming 10-13 hour movies. well, I will be waiting like I have been with Season 3 of Santa Clarita Diet & Season 2 of Lost In Space. At least Netflix was smart with Sabrina, another one of my faves, by signing two seasons up front. Anyways, is The Umbrella Academy worth your time? Of course it is. Show it some love so we can really get into more powers play time.

Out of Five 👍: 👍👍👍


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