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TokyoPop: FIERCE!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

(Post 182) The TCP's TokyoPop hit list returns with FIERCE! Showcasing fabulous young creators pushing the limits of fashion, culture and gender neutrality. Japan has long been the slow-cooker of pop-culture in the most delightful way. With the brilliance of the famous Bunka Fashion College feeding into the community, global fads are slowly ingested, examined and reinterpreted by Japanese youth with a fierce combination of creativity, passion and innocence. Take a stroll through the brilliance of the Harajuku and Shibuya youth scene and enjoy the originality of these fine creators ✌️.

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📷 @ritoooo7


📷 @shiryupondan w/ 📸 @tokyofashion


📷 @hikaru_superman


📷 @dai.071518 w/ 📸 @tokyofashion


📷 @ritoooo7


📷 @rainbow_onika w/ 📸 @tokyofashion


📷 @___osu12


📷 @mmkemio


📷 @yooshiakiii


📷 @mayu_fancy


📷 @soso_americanboy


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