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Top Weekly Pins

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Post #7 pins selected by viewers #topweeklypins


#1. Black Traditional Torso: This fantastic pin is an excellent example of proper spacing & placement of the Black Traditional.


#2. Bald & Bearded: a fantastic example of a well groomed full bearded Hungarian mustache complimented by the always bold shaved head.


#3. 100% DILF: This sexy silver bear shows how delicious maturity can be.


#4. WOW!: Over 37k agree, this freestyle full bearded tattooed cutie has the look we all want.


#5. Damn Fine Athletic Wear: Over 35k agree, this massive model perfectly depicts what athletic wear should look like on the male form (the full bearded, high skin faded freestyles crew cut adds to the perfect look).


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