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Top10 L.A. Burgers

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

(Post 29 ) Our best burger joint list for Los Angeles. When a guy is super hungry there is no better meal than the glorious Hamburger. Widely hailed as “America’s favorite food”, it is everything you want and all you ever need. Why not make your cheat day count and relish in the glory of the burger. #thecuriopop #tcpculturepop #toptenburgers #bestburgersinla #losangelesburgerjoints #instaburger #hamburgers #gourmetburgers

📷 TheApplePan


The delicious indulgence we enjoy today was a byproduct of the early 20th century. We had a rapidly changing society that was filled with a growing working middle class in need of an affordable, mass produced meal that could be eaten on the go. The Hamburger became largely associated with Fast Food in the 1980’s, and by the 1990’s McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and Burger Kings could be found on every corner.

The hamburger of today is not your daddy's or grandpapi's burger of yesteryear. Celebrity Chefs, professionally trained cooks, high-end ingredients and a desire to improve flavor combinations have inspired a wealth of options onto the market place. It is a burger lover’s time to shine. So, in no specific order here is my “Top 10 Best Hamburger Joints in Los Angeles”…


#1 Hook Burger: Various Locations. Responsibly-sourced, sustainably-grown, humanly-raised. These burgers rock! Highlights are The California Burger, The Spicy Crispy Chicken & the Baby Ray’s BBQ Chicken Salad.


#2 The Habit Burger Grill: Various Locations. Originated from Santa Barbara, highlights are the Santa Barbara Char, BBQ Bacon Charburger and the classic Double Charburger.


#3 The Hat: Various Locations. Originated from Alhambra, this “famous for pastrami” local winner happens to dish out one heck of a mean burger! Both the Double or single, regular or Chili are awesome!


#4 Five Guys: Various Locations. This build your own burger is hugely popular with the college crowd and YouTube weightlifters. You wont be able to skimp on calories here and believe me, you will feel it! Glance around the patrons and you’ll have a hard time finding someone over 30 who doesn’t have a huge belly. If you have the room around your waist, you’ll love the burgers here.

Many say it’s a religious experience.


#5 In-N-Out: Locations Everywhere. Has to be on the list as it was born in Southern California. Hate the religious notations on the cups and paper products but,... Double-Double Animal Style, Fries Lite-Well, Strawberry Shake…nuff said.


#6 The Apple Pan: on Pico, Westside. Classic burgers and pies. Cash only, Open Late-Night. They claim waiting for a seat is part of the experience as this joint is counter only baby. You gotta grab one as you find one. If you like fighting for a meal you will be juicley rewarded. Do yourself a favor and grab a slice of apple pie to go!


#7 Burgers Never Say Die: 2388 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, 90039. What started as a secret Sunday burger truck is now legit! Fans of BNSD swear the burgers and fries are both crispy and melt in your mouth. You can find them on Instagram @burgersneversaydie .


#8 Animal: North Fairfax. Here we move into sit-down service. The Animal Restaurant has a Brunch menu that includes the $19 Bone Burger. This incredible thing comes with their 420 sauce, jack cheese, poblano and red onion. Make it a night out you burger lovers.


#9 Everson Royce Bar: Downtown. This comfortable bar and patio in Downtown is more of a hangout for hipsters hitting the MOCA, Staples or Music Center. Everyone raves about the simplistic and crave worthy single burger with cheese and a beer.


#10 Electric Owl: West Hollywood. Uber popular hipster hot spot that offers The Smash Burger. This Wagyu dry aged beef patty is served up with cheese, grilled shallots, pickles and their savory spread. Folks rave about the impossible burger patty meatless replacement too! Very popular.


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