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Creative Ink: Trends of 2019

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

(Post 15): The buzz around the Tattoo Parlour social platforms this year is running the gamut of popular ideas for guys, with one thing in common…Black is dead, Color is here to stay (permanently, if you pardon the pun). You have to take trends like this at face value due to the fact we are dealing with something you cant return, or exchange next year. With the growing acceptance of the ancient art form now becoming common in the work place, It can be easy to forget the permanency of the final product. What might be amazing and so-dope today…could wind up being incredibly stupid and/or down right dumb in 10 years. There are fewer times in your life that don’t require more disciplined restraint than when you're planning a tattoo.

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Part 1: The Floral Tattoo

The chatter is that floral tattoos will grace the limelight this year. I am a big advocate to adding color to any tattoo, be it old or new. Traditional Tribal is defiantly hot & sexy in blackest of black, but weave some color into the mix and you get something mystical & magical with an abundance of meanings. Much of the work portrayed for men include floral that have deep roots in Japanese history. Some examples are the rose which represents eternal love, the hibiscus that represents gentleness &/or royalty, power & respect, and the red flower poppy which carries a remembrance to those who have passed.


Certain types of flowers can be presented in different colors, with different meanings accordingly.

The Rose has up to seven different colors with separate meanings…

Coral - friendship, sympathy, & modesty

Lavender - love

Orange - desire

Pink -happiness

Red -Hope & New Beginnings (America represents love & beauty)

White - purity, innocence & silence

Yellow - joy, friendship & new beginnings


Take one of those colored roses and add a Carp (determination, strength, courage),

Dragon (wisdom, strength, protection), or a

Phoenix (revival & victory) to the design and you have a virtual story told on whatever body part you choose. Take the time you need to craft the tail of a lifetime before you head to the parlour. Have your body be one of inspiration on a daily basis. The following are a few men's floral creations to help get the juices flowing as you venture towards adding your first (or continuation) tattoo to your life...












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