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Will Dark Phoenix Fail To Ignite?

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

(post 23) We are all pretty sure this is the last round for the core Xmen cast set in place by Bryan Singer in 2000's. With the Disney merger a done deal there was great speculation wether or not fans would even be able to see the last two X-men films from the newly acquired studio. For awhile, fans of the long running franchise have had to deal with news that Marvel’s president and producer Kevin Feige was shelving Dark Phoenix and its darker reboot The New Mutants, because it was not up to his standards. Enter the wave of bad press, studio leaks, and tirades as fanboys try to process the possibility of the online speculation being true. That the film is terrible and executives do not know what to do about it. Ugh...not again! #darkphoenix #xmen #xmenreview


Harsh words about the film reportedly costing the studio 200 million (to date, prerelease) largely due to reshoots associated with the third act. We already had to deal with a pushed release date that was originally slated and advertised for November 2, 2018, to being February 14, 2019. Then the Disney thing happened and the release calendar at ComicCon omitted Dark Phoenix & The New Mutants altogether. Waaaa?


Then a surprise trailer dropped that was kinda meh to say the least, and we get a new Phoenix release date of June 7, 2019. All of this does not smell good for a series that has such a following of die hard loyalists who proudly claim to be Alumni from the Xavier Institute, I being one of them.


Many fans are legitimately worried that the film may still be pulled prior to the 7th. We do only have one poster…for an X-Men film! I mean, that’s huge and it’s totally being handled with as little studio buzz as possible. It makes a fan start leaning towards the court of acceptance that, for what ever reason, this film is DOA.


That really sucks because I enjoyed all the actors playing my favorite characters. The younger Jean Grey played by Sophie Turner really began to grow on me, especially when we got a glimpse of her power at the end of Apocalypse. She was no Famke Janssen, but I liked her subdued naivety. I even enjoyed the young storm played by Alexandra Shipp, and was very much looking forward to see how far youth would take the character.


The treasure of the franchise is how outcast are in essence the most powerful humans on the planet. It is only by their mercy that the humans continue to share the world with mutants, clearly the next evolutionary leap in the cycle of life. As for this cycle, we fanboys must continue to wait, hope and dream of a fun and exciting end to one of the most beloved super hero franchises in modern film history. Fingers crossed.


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