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ZillaPop: Collectables

(Post 118) The Bandai Movie Monsters series is a popular starter series for the budding Godzilla collector. These mostly limited articulated action figures are of moderate size and usually average about 6.5 inches, and are extremely affordable at market price. Expect to fall in love with these colorful and weighty bad boys when you suddenly see a collection of your own emerging around the 5th or 6th purchase. Kaiju figurines that sell around a quarter bill really shine when your collection becomes a menagerie, and the boy in you gets that cool wonder of awesomeness that's ageless. With the excitement of the forthcoming Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters everywhere right now, there is no better time to face your childhood nightmare and fully embrace the Big G with open arms. #tcp #tcpzillapop #godzilla #kingofthemonsters #kaiju #kaijulover #godzillacollector #gfan #gfancollector #moviemonsters












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